The Hangover Part II: Movie Review

The Hangover Part II

There’s no breaking of new ‘story’ ground with the The Hangover Part II. You saw the formula in the first and it’s on display here again. Waking up from a terrible bender minus a compadre and your memory. Moving through a series of raucous and rudely funny scenarios while attempting to piece together the previous night. Only this time, the crew has traveled around the world to sunny Thailand. Stu, the lovelorn dentist has flown to his fiancé’s hometown for a traditional wedding. Hoping to keep things simple, he organizes a simple all guys brunch which turns into what Mr. Chow describes as ‘a sick night b*tches!”

It’s easy to say the formula is the same, but it’ll surprise a lot to see a much better execution of the antics and even the wit (is that a poster of Macho Man Randy Savage in Alan’s room?). Even the Kanye West montage arrival into town is repeated for those who remember the original. Director Todd Phillips (Road Trip) has pieced together a sequel worthy of the title. Bradley Cooper (Limitless), Zack Galifinakis (It’s Kind Of A Funny Story), Ed Helms (TV’s Daily Show), and Justin Birtha (National Treasure) return as the wolfpack Phil, Alan, Stu, and Doug respectively. The real talent on display here is the return of Ken Jeong (TV’s Community) as Mr. Chow. I’ve never laughed so hard for, or at a character. Twice as zany as the original, and four times more gangster – he steals the movie hands down. Pulling in a strong second is Stu’s musical montage to the tribulations the crew faces while hunting down their friend. Billy Joel is somewhere smiling I’m sure.

Like the previous film, there’s a great mystery to solve, and just like the original, the clues are all around you if only you weren’t laughing at these idiots. I humbly admit that until they found the pieces on screen, I didn’t know – but it was great to re-realize what I had seen and how it all pieced the mystery together.

The Hangover Part II is funnier than the original, dirtier than the last effort, and even more violent. Gunfire, the ladies of Bangkok (is it it Bangcock?), and one liners from pseudo-gangster Mr. Chow ‘I international criminal…everything always end in gunfire.’ Go see it for the same reason the prequel was so endearing. You’ll get a happy, healthy heaping of insane antics leaving you…hung over, again.

The Hangover Part II is rated R for drug use and reference, nudity, strong language, and graphic violence.

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